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What we’re looking for

Passion and curiosity. Cooperation and agility. When looking for graduate talent, there are a number of qualities we always search for: we want people with an interest in the world, and inquiring, analytical minds. People with the communication and interpersonal skills needed to drive growth across all our businesses, and – above all else – people with the leadership potential to lead us forwards into the future. 

If you have these qualities, and meet the entry criteria below, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re still not sure whether Aviva is right for you, the quiz at the foot of this page will help you decide.

Key deadlines

Applications for this year’s Global Graduate Leadership Programme have now closed.

However, applications for our 2020 intake open again in September 2019.

Entry criteria

  • A degree in any discipline (and the ability to commence full time employment in September 2019)
  • The ambition to lead at the highest levels
  • The propensity to work with different cultures
  • The flexibility to move locally and globally
  • Multilingual skills are advantageous and you must be fluent in the language of the country of application


Application process

Step 1 – Apply online

If you are on track to gain a degree (in any discipline) and to commence full time employment in September 2019, you are eligible to join our graduate programme. To apply, simply follow the steps after clicking the ‘Apply’ button at the foot of this page. When you’ve sent us your application, we’ll send an email to let you know we’ve received it.

Step 2 – Situational Strengths Test and Critical Reasoning Test

If you pass the application screen, we’ll send you a link to complete our Situational Strengths Test (SST). This test will provide you with additional insight into tasks and activities that you could experience during the Global Graduate Leadership Programme, as well as assess whether you have the strengths that we know are important for success on this programme. You’ll be presented with a number of scenarios with response options which you’ll have to rank as most to least effective. 

At the same time, you’ll be invited to complete our Critical Reasoning Test (CRT). This test will assess your ability to draw logical conclusions, evaluate information accurately and judge the arguments presented to you. There’s no limit to how long you can take, but we will be recording your time. On average, the test takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Following completion of both tests, you’ll receive an individual report. The report you receive will outline your top three strengths, as well as advice on how to develop these further during your career.  

If you’re applying for a role within our French market you will also be asked to complete a French language test, as fluency in French is essential for this market.

Step 3 – Video interview

Because we realise that you may not live in the country for which you’re applying, the first stage of the interview process is an online video. We’ll ask you a series of strengths-based questions which are related to the behaviours we know are important for success on the Global Graduate Leadership Programme. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t completed a video interview before. The system will guide you through the set up step by step, and give you a test question to practice with until you are ready to begin the interview. Just make sure you’re somewhere quiet, where you won’t get disturbed. You won't know the questions in advance, but we recommend that you're honest and open, and go into as much detail as you can when responding to the questions. We want to understand more about you, and what matters to you. 

Unfortunately, due to the volumes of candidates we can only provide feedback to those who have reached the assessment day stage.

Step 4 – Assessment day

If we think you have what we’re after, we'll invite you to a face-to-face assessment centre in your local market. We'll give you lots of pointers on how to prepare and what to expect on the day.

All of our assessment centres except for Singapore are held locally, so you will need to travel to the country that you have applied for. If you’re applying to the Singapore office, your assessment centre will be held in the UK.

At our assessment centres, you will experience a group task, a series of individually completed micro-assessments, and a face-to-face strengths-based interview with one of our Senior Business representatives. But don’t worry, it's really important to us that you feel relaxed so we can see you at your best, so we'll give you time to prepare. Remember though, the assessment centre isn't just our chance to find out whether you're right for us. It's also your chance to decide whether we're right for you.

Step 5 – Offer made

If you are successful at the assessment centre we will call to offer you a place on our scheme. If you aren't successful this time we'll let you know – and if you'd like more feedback on why, just ask.

Because this is a global graduate programme, getting together face-to-face prior to joining can be challenging. However, we will ensure that you’re able to chat to other people joining the programme via our Global Graduate Leadership Programme app. You will also be allocated a buddy prior to joining and receive further information about Aviva before you start.

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Is the programme right
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Friendly. Supportive. Collaborative. Our culture is all of these things and more. And we need people who share these values and are genuinely proud to work here. It’s all part of our plan to become the leader of the industry formed by people truly dedicated to our cause. 


We’ve put together a quiz featuring eight questions and scenarios that will help you get a sense of whether you and Aviva are a good fit for each other. This will take about 10-12 minutes to complete.

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