Innovating &

Introducing Aviva

Life’s full of unexpected twists and turns. Luckily, we’re here to defy uncertainty and protect our 33-million customers in 15 different markets from them..

We’re leading a digital revolution in Insurance, building a more sustainable business, and finding innovative new ways to keep our customers safe, secure and informed. As one of the only insurance companies in the world who can provide customers with life, general and health insurance, and asset management in one place, we have a unique advantage over our competitors. 

Ultimately, we put customers at the heart of everything we do – helping them to create a bright and sustainable future. And it will take leaders, like you, to make this happen.

Key deadlines

Applications for this year’s Global Graduate Leadership Programme have now closed.

However, applications for our 2020 intake open again in September 2019.

Our strategy

We want to transform the insurance industry, so we’re shaking it up by revolutionising the way we serve our customers. That’s why we offer our customers an easy-to-understand, convenient experience whenever and however they want it. We’re developing tools that improve customer experience, increase interaction and reduce costs. It’s why we provide customers with life, general, health insurance and asset management and describe ourselves as a True Customer Composite. We know what we’re good at and that’s exactly what we focus on.

True customer composite

Meeting all customer needs across life, general, accident and health insurance as well as asset management

Digital first

Emphasising customer experience driven by digital – online and mobile

Not everywhere

Focusing only in markets and segments where we can win

Our values

We disrupt, lead and transform our industry by providing the best possible service to our customers, today and into the future. We have one ultimate goal – to make everything simpler, better and more rewarding for them. We call it Good Thinking. It’s our promise to our customers, and our people deliver on it by living our values every day.


Never rest

We are driven to think bigger and do better for our customers and each other



Care more

We care like crazy about our customers, our communities and each other



Create legacy

We strive to create a sustainable future for our customers and each other



Kill complexity

We are obsessed with making things simpler for our customers and each other 


Business areas

As part of The Global Graduate Leadership Programme, you’ll work across a selection of the areas below as you gain a broad understanding of our business and a more comprehensive management experience. You bring the open-mindedness and we’ll bring the exposure.

Our Actuarial team is one of the industry’s most respected and influential – one that innovates and advises on our financial strategy, across our global markets. They’re responsible for bringing fresh ideas to the table and building a greater appreciation for the bigger picture.

Claims Handling and Customer Service are both areas which require technical and people expertise. Our advisors have a massive impact on our sales figures and our customers’ satisfaction, and their dedication, accuracy, manner and passion all goes towards delivering a customer experience that is second to none. 

Insurance is ripe for disruption – an industry ready to be transformed. For our experts, that means an unrivalled opportunity to be at the forefront of product innovation and development. They’re a team that’s focused on helping us fulfil our ‘Digital First’ strategy, by generating valuable digital functionality that makes us the world’s most popular ‘one-stop shop’ for life, health, general insurance and asset management services.

Our Finance team is comprised of specialist functions – including Asset Management through Aviva Investors, Risk & Capital Management and Strategy & Planning, across three business areas – life, general insurance and health and retirement. Drawing on their specialist skills, knowledge and expertise, our team members analyse complex financial data, measure and report on our financial performance, and use their expertise to help us continually improve.

Our IT team is among the best resourced and most advanced anywhere. We deliver everything from business system change projects, infrastructure and architecture plans, to the development of new technology and provision of IT support to customers. And we support the wider organisation in every aspect of its work.

Our Marketing team is behind our brand positioning, our marketing strategy and the tactical communication plans that help us to engage with each and every customer, employee and corporate stakeholder. They shape the customer experience, and find creative and effective ways to engage them.

Our People Function, which used to be known as HR, have a massive impact on our business. From development plans, salaries, bonuses, benefits and much more, they’re responsible for the way we work with each other.

Each of our businesses is responsible for their own procurement, and for obtaining the best value for money and quality. The Procurement teams help us make sure we spend our money wisely and that we get the most out of our supplier relationships.

Made up of our Business Risk, Compliance and Central Assurance teams, our Risk function helps us ensure we’re prepared for the challenges that an ever-changing and highly-regulated business environment might throw at us. It’s also home to our global Internal Audit team who help us assess and manage risk appropriately. 

The Sales & Distribution team are dedicated to generating new business through the management of all relationships with our corporate clients across IFAs and banks. Whether they’re keeping existing clients up-to-date with our latest products and policies, identifying opportunities to strike up fresh relationships or managing the various distribution channels across the business, they ensure the client experience is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re home to one of the industry's most renowned Underwriting teams – and for good reason. Our hugely talented team work to combine an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, with a great understanding of risk and how to price it. They’re instrumental in helping our customers to protect what matters most to them.

How we innovate

We’re always pushing to do things better. We innovate to achieve our ultimate goal – to make everything simpler and more rewarding for our customers. Along the way, we disrupt, lead, and transform our industry. Here are some of the ways we’re already building on our success and further improving customer experience:


The MyAviva online portal and app bring together the products that help our customers in the UK to protect their life, health, loved ones, future and possessions in one secure and simple-to-use space. It’s a whole new way for us to serve our customers when they want, how they want. Find out more here.

Aviva Drive App

We were the first insurance company to launch a smartphone app to record driving behaviours and tailor prices for our customers to help them save money. Aviva Drive uses GPS to measure cornering, braking and acceleration and, as a result, can offer safer drivers up to 20% off their car insurance premium. Our customers like it and it’s generated a positive return on investment inside 18 months. Discover more about the app here.  

Digital Garage

Our commitment to digital is reflected structurally and physically within our Digital Garages – inspiring spaces where business people work alongside IT professionals to spur creativity and promote agile working. It’s a disruptive,  startup environment that promises real innovation. 



Financial Personality Profiler

We believe it's good thinking to help people get their money working harder. With our Financial Personality Profiler quiz, we empower people to take control of their finances by encouraging them to examine their own behaviours and attitudes to spending and saving. Learn more and try it out here.


We know that small business owners rarely have the time to spend hours evaluating and comparing insurance policies, which is why we developed the ePro digital platform to do the legwork for them. The platform diagnoses companies’ complete insurance needs simply, effectively and conveniently. 

Virtual Branch

People search for information online, but when it comes to choosing a product or completing an application, nothing beats speaking to a professional advisor. Developed in Poland, our Virtual Branch gives them the best of both worlds, allowing customers to hold a video conference with a consultant from the comfort of their own homes: quickly, conveniently, and even anonymously.


Diversity & inclusion

We're a global organisation. We have employees and customers from different cultures, all around the world, so our diversity and inclusion programme is a top priority.

Our communities

Our six global Communities are one of the ways we’re working together to become more diverse and inclusive. They help make sure everyone can have a fair share of voice at Aviva and they are a key feature in representing the diversity of our global workforce. 

These groups are a safe space for our employees to share their thoughts and experiences.

Six degrees of intersection

AvivAbility – developing a disability smart workplace

Our goal is to increase awareness and acceptance of Visible and Invisible disabilities. We are a community for colleagues with an interest in disability, who support and help each other to reach our potential.

Aviva Balance – supporting gender parity

Balance supports women and men to achieve their potential regardless of their career level or role. Balance aims to promote the progression and retention of talented women at Aviva by fostering a positive culture of organisational support and professional development. Balance also focuses on the barriers men face and the societal benefits to achieving gender parity across our global workforce.

Aviva Carers – supporting carers and parents

Bringing together colleagues from across the group with hands-on experience of caring, including parenting. We provide support and relevant information to those with caring responsibilities and welcome ideas on what further support might be helpful in the workplace. The group supports not only traditional ‘carers’ but also colleagues with caring responsibilities for children through the provision of guidance and assistance and by holding regular events. Our carers are a global network of people who mutually support each other, allowing them to maintain fulfilling careers at Aviva while raising or taking care of their families and loved ones.

Aviva Generations – an intergenerational workplace

Our workplace already has five generations giving us diversity of thought throughout the generations. It’s really important to us that we reflect the variety of our customers through the variety of people in our teams. This Community helps to bridge the age gap enabling us to utilise this spectrum of experience across our organisation. Why we’re so well-equipped to help people when they need us most.

Aviva Origins – celebrating cultural difference

Fully inclusive of colleagues with origins from anywhere in the world and includes race & ethnicity, faith and belief as well as culture and politics. This group seeks to explore the diversity of our cultures, promote personal and professional development and empower our members at all stages of their career.

Aviva Pride – being yourself at work

Recently celebrating its 10 year anniversary Aviva Pride is our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community which encourages an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their whole self to work and realise their potential. Our community of LGBT colleagues and straight allies gain opportunities to build their professional and support networks at Aviva, collaborate and share best practice with external partners and customers across a number of industries and help to recruit, develop and retain talent from the LGBT community.

Corporate responsibility & partnerships

We work to strengthen local communities and help everyone make the most out of living. From the Aviva Community Fund, which has sponsored millions of social enterprises around the world, to our strategic partnership with The British Red Cross, which has helped alert millions of people to potential crises, we’re defying uncertainty so that people can live well. It’s Good Thinking.